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  • 19/09/2015
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A new chapter in the Vietnam-Japan relationship opened

The official visit to Japan of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, together with his visit to the United States in July, is of great significance, paving the way for Vietnam to plan its future development.

The visit to Japan of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has brought about tremendous results in many aspects. At present, Vietnam and Japan are maintaining their broad and deep strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia. The visit serves as a strong commitment to the common interests of both sides, and has helped create greater prospects for the substantive relationship for the two peoples and for peaceful development and prosperity in Asia and the world.

a new chapter in the Viet Nam- Japan relation

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong confirms, “With this visit, we reassure the consistent policy of Vietnam considering Japan one of the most important partners for development in the long term and comprehensively promote and deepen the broad and deep strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia. With the three pillars of economic connection promotion, political trust enhancement, and cooperation strengthening in dealing with regional and international issues, I hope the visit will create vibrant motivation, contributing to lifting the Vietnam-Japan relationship to a new height.”

Thus, with the “three pillars” outlined by the General Secretary, it can be seen that the visit has achieved fruitful political, economic and foreign relations results, improving the position of Vietnam in the international arena. It has paved the way for the country to plan its strategic sustainable development, turning Vietnam into a country of prosperous people with a strong government; a democratic, equitable and civilized society; a friend and a good partner, proactively and actively building peace and prosperity in the world.

It was extra special that the delegation was received with a warm reception of the highest ceremony by the Government of Japan. As a major power, it is rare for the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister, as well as representatives of the whole Japanese Cabinet, to welcome a foreign leader. General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, however, was given that honour on September 15th, which has left a deep impression on the leader. That warm reception resulted from the increasingly important position of Vietnam built up by the Party, State and people.

During talks with the leaders of political parties and economic conglomerates in Japan, General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong sent the message that Vietnam always upholds peace and prosperity and regards Japan as its top partner. In response to such sincerity, the Japanese side reserved for the General Secretary and Vietnamese delegation special care. Important contents related to sustainable development were discussed and signed during the visit.
In the Vietnam-Japan Joint Vision, strategic and extremely practical issues are mentioned. It reads, “In terms of economic development strategy connection, both sides hope to increase cooperation in strategic planning for sustainable economic development. Japan pledged to help Vietnam improve its competitiveness, growth model transformation, and implement the strategy of industrialization in the framework of Vietnam-Japan cooperation towards 2020, with a vision towards 2030. The two sides agree to implement Phase VI of the Vietnam-Japan Joint Initiative, on improving the investment environment of Vietnam so as to strengthen the competitiveness of Vietnam, as soon as possible.” Japan’s Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, also agreed to continue cooperating with Vietnam and supporting Vietnam in sustainably developing the economy in the coming time.

Promising future for the bilateral relationship

The future of the existing fine relationship has now been guaranteed by the trust between leaders and peoples of the two nations. When truly putting trust in each other, there will be no difficulties and challenges capable of preventing the two countries from effectively supporting each other. “Vietnam wishes to deepen its relationship with Japan in all fields, especially economic cooperation,” said General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong.

The Vietnam-Japan economic connection is one of the focal points of the visit. Japan boasts the advanced technologies and experts in various fields, as well as a hard-working and disciplined labour force, which is admired by the whole world. For its part, Vietnam has the advantage of a big, hard-working workforce with a strong desire to advance forward. Especially, people of the two countries both spare respect for each other. These are the ideal premises for the two countries to turn the contents in the “Vietnam-Japan Joint Vision” into reality.

As one of the most developed economies, leading markets, and investors in the world, the development of Japan is closely connected to the prosperity of Asia. The road of peaceful development of Japan over the past years serves as an important factor to constructively maintain peace and stability in the region. With its potential and contribution, Japan deserves to play a bigger role in not only the Asia-Pacific region, but also the world.

Both Vietnam and Japan have seen centuries of a warm relationship despite upheavals. Today both peoples of Vietnam and Japan, however, are inspired, voluntarily and actively acting as best friends. When Japan was hit by the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, the Vietnamese people nationwide sent small-in-value but full-of-sympathy gifts to the Japanese people. Despite the huge difficulties at that time, Japan still reserved ODA for Vietnam. It is the evidence of “friends in need are friends in deed.”

The success of the visit of General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong to Japan has met the expectation of the leaders and peoples of both countries.

And a new chapter in the Vietnam-Japan relationship has begun!

Written by Doan Xuan Bo

Translated by Huu Duong


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